Make Your Home Feel New and Sell Fast

Make Your Home Feel New and Sell Fast

New homes usually sell faster than homes that have been lived in, and it’s not just because they have the latest gadgets and designs. New homes don’t have a personality yet, so it’s easier for a buyer to imagine himself as the owner. They are always clean and ready to move into, and they have a uniquely fresh, crisp, appealing atmosphere.

Fortunately, you can recreate that new-home atmosphere in your older home, even if you still live there. Get started with ten easy, inexpensive tips and sell your home fast. We’ve broken the list into 2 parts and we’ll send the second half next month.

1 Clean, Clean, Clean

How long since you’ve cleaned out the bathroom vents? Do you regularly wash down your baseboards, light switches, and doorknobs? Your first step in preparing your home should be an intensive deep clean. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service, not because you are inadequate at cleaning but because someone else is likely to see areas you’ve overlooked.

2 Don’t Just Clean – Declutter

Most people accumulate stuff, and few of us have good systems for maintaining that stuff. Look around your room right now: do you have things on shelves that don’t belong there, items on the floor that should be in drawers, drawers filled with stuff that you’ll never use again? All that clutter needs to be eliminated. Get some big plastic bins to neatly pack away items you don’t use on a daily basis, and put everything else in drawers or closets out of sight.

Don’t forget storage areas. Closets should have generous open space so they look larger, and fixed cabinetry in your kitchen, bathrooms, and garage should be clean, neat and uncluttered. Ask a friend or your real estate agent to take a look once you’ve finished determining whether more needs to be done.

3 Eliminate Your Personality in the House

Everyone nests, bringing personal things in that make their spaces feel more like themselves. Pictures on the wall, keepsakes, a throw or two in the living room, and even exposed shelves filled with paperbacks or movies make a home feel like it belongs to you. Unfortunately, that’s what it’s going to feel like to your prospective buyers, too. Put away everything personal before you show your home. That invites your buyers to imagine their own family pictures on the wall, moving them toward making an offer.

4 Eliminate Odors

If you have a pet, your home almost certainly has an odor you won’t detect but non-pet owners will smell immediately. Professional cleaners can advise you on eliminating this odor and cleaning so that it does not return. Try not to cook fragrant foods a day or two before showing your home. Bacon, cabbage, and popcorn should all be off-limits

Your basement and ground-floor storage areas probably have some dampness that can encourage invisible but odor-causing mildew. Run a dehumidifier in these areas, but turn it off when you’re showing the home.

5 Grout, Paint, Renew

Fresh grout and paint can go a long way toward making your home seem new again. After your thorough cleaning, use bright lights and look at your home critically. Do wood floors look slightly worn, do your carpets have noticeable traffic patterns and does your tile grouting show stains or signs of wear? A professional at a home building supply store like Home Depot or Lowes can recommend products to refresh floors without expensive refinishing, and your Realtor can help you find fast, easy ways to refresh your home for showing.

Stay tuned for more tips next month!

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