Curb Appeal: Make Buyers Fall in Love

Curb Appeal: Make Buyers Fall in Love

Smart home buyers always look at the nuts and bolts – home value, neighborhood, projected value as an investment, whether rooms are appropriate to needs, and other things like that. But home buyers, just like any other consumer, can fall in love with a home. It could be the gingerbread roof, the appealing wraparound porch, even the 1920s-era stained glass transom windows in the front room.

Buyers, In Short, Make Emotional Decisions

You can take advantage of this fact by focusing on curb appeal. People can fall in love with your home at first sight. Just like a smart single looking for love, your home’s first impression can be maximized if you ensure buyers see the best-possible version of your home right away.

We’re talking about curb appeal. Most buyers decide whether or not they like a house at first glance. When a buyer is looking at several homes, he’ll pass up a home with poor curb appeal without even glancing inside. But if your home looks beautiful and well-maintained on first glance, your prospective buyer is likely to raise his eyebrows approvingly, nod, and take a look inside to see if the insides are as appealing as the outsides.

The Welcoming Entryway: Your Home’s Beautiful Smile

Your entryway frames the entire house. Start with the path to your front door and walk to your home and inside with a critical eye. Do you see cracks in the pavement, overgrowth that looks unkempt rather than classic, or is anything imperfect? Is your porch clean and in great repair? Most importantly, is it easy to read your street number from the street?

Your entryway should invite visitors in to look around. That means gates shouldn’t squeak, flora and insect fauna should be under control, and your door should have the gleaming new hardware. Get clutter off your porch, but keep appropriate elements in position – white rockers with comfortable cushions on wraparound porches or a nice welcome mat in front of the door are fine. If your walkway and doorstep are unsightly in a way you can’t easily fix, an easy fix is to put some pretty tile or brick down. Think of it as a touch of lipstick.

Maintenance and Upkeep: Good Grooming Is Critical

Keeping your home in great repair on the outside implies that it’s also in good repair on the inside. Once again, go to the street and look at your home with a critical eye. Paint, gutters, trim and roof should all be neat and in good repair, and your driveway should be as free as possible of cracks and stains. It should also be swept clean of debris daily, just like your walkway. Windows, the eyes of your home, should be squeaky-clean and show nothing but blinds or curtains. If they look bare, freshen the paint and add some nice contrasting accent trim like faux shutters to add texture to your home’s exterior.

Landscaping: Your Home’s Personal Style

Landscaping is the knockout dress to your home’s beauty and should complement but not overwhelm it. Keep your lawn neatly manicured, with grass not allowed to encroach on your sidewalk or driveway and bushes maintained neatly. If you have a spot that looks bare, green it up with some season-appropriate flowers that don’t require too much care. Install outdoor lighting along your walkway and wherever seems appropriate; it’s cheap today to pick up a set of solar footlights that look great and last well. Always decorate for holidays, but keep it light, tasteful, and relatively impersonal.

Always keep in mind you want your potential buyer to visualize himself or herself in your home. That means your personality – and your National Lampoon Christmas Vacation light set – needs to be packed away. However, to showcase the beautiful parts of your home that made you fall in love with it. These are the elements that your prospective buyer will also adore.

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