Why Work With A Real Estate Team?

Why Work With A Real Estate Team?

Real estate teams have become the new trend and have popped up everywhere across the country. Many buyers ask us why teams are becoming so popular and what are the benefits. In summary, a team helps a real estate agent function at their highest ability, providing a better experience for their clients. Here is some insight into the Omaha Blythe Real Estate team and why we believe it’s a good approach for both our agents and our clients.


The Real Estate business is frequently fast-paced.  Many times, we have multiple clients that need assistance at the same time. Having team members that can assist is crucial. Imagine you’re a buyer, and you want to see your dream home that just came onto the market. It’s priced well and will sell in less than 24 hours; however, your agent is already booked with appointments or out of town. You will more than likely miss out on that house or have to hire a new agent at the last minute who you may not trust or like. An agent on a team can enlist a team member who is available, experienced and can get you in the house at a time that fits your schedule. It’s good for you, and it’s good for the realtor.


Being a solo agent can be tiresome. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. In my experience, people perform their best when working in groups. This allows them to utilize each other’s skills and delegate their weakness. All the best companies and sports teams in the world work together for their cause. Our team’s goal is to help families and individuals with their real estate hopes and dreams. The team offers support, training, coaching, systems, motivation and problem-solving. Each transaction and client are different. We deal with issues every day, and it’s nice to have other team members you know and trust. We have weekly team meetings to discuss the market, our clients, and issues we are resolving. Collaboration is key on our team and makes things run much smoother for all.


Many times in Omaha, veteran agents start real estate teams. In our case, Brent Blythe, who has been in real estate since the 1980s, founded our team. Brent’s wife, Lesa Blythe became an agent shortly thereafter. That’s many decades of creating and developing a system via trial and error. Having good systems allows our agents to spend more time with their clients, market their listings, and help buyers find homes. An individual agent could spend easily half of their days just keeping paperwork organized and returning phone calls. We have hired an office manager, marketing manager, and sign runner, so we are more available to work directly with our clients.

Over the years new members have joined the team and contributed new ideas, technologies, and systems to improve the process for our clients and agents. We believe we have some of the BEST systems in the area. We use Trello for team collaboration and transaction management (or checklists). Not only that, but we use DotLoop and DocuSign for electronic signatures and Dropbox for file organization. We also utilize Outlook for our team calendars and email. QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel have been great for managing our expenses and finances.  The Blythe Team Office Manager Matt Edwards oversees the day-to-day operations. Having systems is key but having good team members to run them is essential. Matt keeps our office running smooth and is one of the most important assets we have for keeping us organized and helping our clients have a good experience.


Real Estate is a fast-paced business. It works 365 days a year. It starts early and goes late. Furthermore, it often times is busier on holidays and weekends. The top real estate agents have many clients at all times. They are good at a work-life-balance but even the best need some time off. Whether that be a vacation, a ball game, dance recital, date night or even just a night at home with a book. Having some stress-free time keeps a person’s mind sharp, which makes them a better agent for their clients. Having a team to support an agent gives them more work/life/balance which allows them to take much better care of a client.

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