We work with all types of buyers. Whether it’s your first house or you’re looking to buy your forever dream home. Every house and client are different so we make it a point to learn what your needs are to help you with your purchase. We also know the market, common trends, and basic information about financing which helps us at the negotiation table to get you the best price and terms.

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5 Tips to Winning a Bidding War in a Seller’s Market

Like it or not it’s a seller’s market again, in many areas and price ranges. This means if you’re a buyer and want to purchase a house you’re playing by new rules. Those rules are dictated by the sellers. So, what are some things you can do to increase your chances in a bidding war? I’ve listed a few tips below you might find helpful. (more…)

Back To School Home Search Tips

It’s that time of year when families consider moving to get their children into a good school district. At we recently conducted a back-to-school survey to see how much weight schools have in the home-buying decision. The results show that school-district boundaries do impact the buying decision for more than 60 percent of home buyers. (more…)

Successful Client Appreciation Event

Our first client appreciation event was an enormous success. Thanks to all of you and to our event sponsors! If you weren’t able to attend the event, here is what you missed. It was a cold Saturday morning when visitors started gathering at Marcus Village Pointe Cinema. (more…)

home for sell in omaha - Blythe Real Estate Team

Advice for Buyers in a Seller’s Market

Within the last several year’s home buyers have been blessed with a good real estate market. Interest Rates have been near historical lows and housing inventories have been high. This made for a fantastic “buyer’s” market.

Well, times are changing. Inventories have decreased drastically and the number of buyers and sales have steady and in some cases increased. This has caused a “Seller’s” market. The rules have changed. (more…)

What NOT To Do When Applying for a Mortgage

Don’t accidentally sabotage your efforts to get a loan!

Reprinted with permission from Holly at Eagle Mortgage Company.

What not to do when applying for a loan. In Holly’s 23+ years in business and as owner of Eagle Mortgage, she has learned that customers often have some incorrect ideas about how to improve their chances of getting a mortgage. Make sure you have the correct information with these tips of what NOT to do within six months of applying for a mortgage. In our Real Estate experience the Blythe Team agrees with Holly on the points below. (more…)