Kyle Fagan, Co-Owner

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent since 2015
  • Working with The Blythe Team since 2015
  • Listing/Buyers Agent

Kyle has been in Real Estate for 6 years. He loves working with people, whether it’s people he knows or new relationships, and that is exactly what this career is about. To Kyle, putting a smile on someone’s face by helping them through the process of finding their home is the best reward there is! Kyle is now a co-owner of the Blythe Real Estate Team at Nebraska Realty. Having the new responsibilities is something Kyle has found very rewarding. “Wasn’t that long ago that I was the new guy in the business and now I get to share some of my knowledge with new team members while also learning daily from them as well as my business partners.”

Kyle has a knack for relationship building. He will “go to bat” for his clients so they can reach their goals. He’s passionate on building a business that does it the right way. Kyle says, “It is sometimes hard to tell someone the truth when the truth hurts, but honesty is the best medicine, and we can then figure out what the next step is.” He hopes the mention of his name will always bring out positive memories.

When he’s not working, you can find Kyle spending time with his family or out on the golf course. Kyle is passionate about his family. He and his wife, Whitney, have two young daughters, Londyn and Sloane.  These two little miracles are their whole world besides the occasional times when mom and dad can get out for a date night.  Whitney is Director of Student Services and Special Education for the district of Bennington.  Kyle learns things from his wife everyday by listening and watching what she does that has such a positive impact on so many.  He and Whitney love to travel and look forward to the memories they will make with their girls.

Kyle hopes to be remembered as an honest, hard-working man who always has a smile on his face, would do whatever it took to ensure his family was ok, and was always willing to help someone else out.

Contact Kyle today at (402) 515-4664 or