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Marketing and selling homes is our specialty! We have a fantastic marketing plan and are experts in correctly pricing homes. If you are considering selling your home feel free to reach any one of our team members for more info or take some time to look through some of our useful info and tools below. 

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Why Work With A Real Estate Team?

You may have noticed that real estate teams have become the new trend. They are popping up everywhere across the country. Many buyers ask us why this is becoming so popular and what’s the benefits.  In summary, a team helps a real estate agent function at their highest ability which gives a much better experience to their clients. Here is some more insight into the Omaha Blythe Real Estate team and why we believe it’s a good approach for our agents and for our clients.


looking to sell your home - the Blythe Real Estate Team

3 Most Important Things to Prep Your house to Sell

When I talk to people wanting to sell their house, one of the MOST common requests I get is, “Will you walk through our house and tell us what we need to do to get our house ready to sell?” Any good Real Estate agent is happy to do this. After years of doing this, I’ve learned that there are 3 things that are relevant to every seller. Regardless of area, price, or time of year. The funny part is most sellers know them but underestimate their importance and ROI. (more…)

home sold in one day - Blythe Real Estate Team

Curb Appeal: Make Buyers Fall in Love

Smart home buyers always look at the nuts and bolts – home value, neighborhood, projected value as an investment, whether rooms are appropriate to needs, and other things like that. But home buyers, just like any other consumer, can fall in love with a home. It could be the gingerbread roof, the appealing wraparound porch, even the 1920s-era stained glass transom windows in the front room. (more…)

Make Your Home Feel New and Sell Fast

New homes usually sell faster than homes that have been lived in, and it’s not just because they have the latest gadgets and designs. New homes don’t have a personality yet, so it’s easier for a buyer to imagine himself as the owner. They are always clean and ready to move into, and they have a uniquely fresh, crisp, appealing atmosphere. (more…)

Successful Client Appreciation Event

Our first client appreciation event was an enormous success. Thanks to all of you and to our event sponsors! If you weren’t able to attend the event, here is what you missed. It was a cold Saturday morning when visitors started gathering at Marcus Village Pointe Cinema. (more…)